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All gear, Tackle and Bait included.  We are equipped with all types of tackle for Bass , Bluefish, Shark &Tuna, but, specialize in Light Tackle Spinning gear, especially when fish are on the surface. A $200.00 deposit due to book trip, refunded if you cancel ten (10) days in advance.  If sooner than 10 days, we will work with you to reschedule.

We are blessed to have a professional and knowledgeable mate aboard who will provide assistance and instruction throughout the day and will clean/fillet your catch. Your mate works hard to insure you have a safe, fun and rewarding day on the water, arriving prior to all trips to prepare the boat and bait, as well as cleaning after the trip.  A 20% gratuity is considered Industry Standard, (similar to restaurant servers,) for the mate, and should be included in your planning.

2023 Rates

Max 6 persons

Deposit online via card or Paypal

Remainder- Cash on boat

Photo Sep 06, 2 34 16 PM.jpg

Haddock/Cod- Full Day Only 

Departing @ 5,6, or 7 AM

$1300.00 (8-10 Hours)

6 Person Max

Inshore Striper/Blues 1/2 Day

$900.00 (6 Hours)

Incl. Jigging, Trolling, Casting and live bait for

Striper and Blues.    6 Person Max


Cape Cod Bay  Full Day Striper

$1300.00 (8 hours)
Incl. Jigging/trolling/casting

P-Town/Scorton/Billingsgate/ Cape Cod Bay for bass/blues

  6 Person Max


Offshore Shark Or Bluefin Tuna 

$1600.00 (10+ Hours)


Incl. Targeting Blue/Mako/Thresher/ Porbeagle Sharks 



Bluefin Tuna

Either Giant or School (footballs)

Giant Bluefin Tuna has restricted fishing days of Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. No targeting or retention allowed. (Don't book a giant trip on these days!!)

(Tuna >73" will be retained and sold as market fish.) Tuna less than 73 inches and of legal size will be filleted or steaked for customer. Current regs allow 3-27"-47 "and 1- 47"-<73"

  6 Person Max

Whale Watching- (5 hour min) - $170.00 per hour

       See these majestic mammals up close! It's common to see Right, Humpback, Pilot, & Minke Whales. We also dolphins, Sharks and the occasional Sea Turtle.

   6 Person Max

Sunset/Scenic Cruises- (2 hour min.) $160.00 per hour

       We are blessed with spectacular sunsets amid the lighthouses of Plymouth Bay       6 Person Max

Interested in a tournament? Let us know!

If you have other ideas or questions call us!


If your party wishes to stay longer, additional time on the water, (if avail), $160.00 per hour.

Prices subject to change as fuel prices increase.

The Capt. reserves the right to cancel any trip due to weather/safety concerns.  We will work with you to reschedule, or refund trip.

Call or e-mail Capt. Mark with any questions 


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